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Blueberry Cheesecake bites, with a focused close up of a piece of cheesecake on a fork, and the rest in the background.


Is your sweet tooth stubbornly aching and it just won’t stop? If so, then being here will be the best treatment of your life!


Throughout this site you will find the easiest, trendiest and most importantly, the best tasting desserts ever!

  • What makes us Special?

Is that really a question? I mean, what other place can you go to that will tell you which recipe is better to use, without receiving biased reviews? This site is based on the critique of the top three recipes from trending desserts, rated by taste and ease.

  • Why are we Important?

Now you may be asking “so what, why is that so important?” Well, remember that delicious chocolate chip cookie that you were craving? Now, recall searching for that recipe. Do you remember how many recipe options you were offered? What about that overwhelming feeling of panic that you had, and uncertainty of which one to choose? Ah, that’s right, see now you know what makes us unique.


When it comes to trying new desserts, it is often difficult to decide which recipe to try. Here at The Sweet Critic we understand the disappointment that comes along when all your energy is directed towards a dessert that comes out WORSE than you expected.





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Explore our gallery for mouth-watering pictures of our latest baking masterpieces! Each picture is taken by The Sweet Critic and tastes as great as they look! These pictures also include some desserts that we created from scratch using our imagination. We hope to inspire you to see the endless options you have to display your own desserts to make them more creative!

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